Research Seminar: Utopian Ultras or Ultras Utopias, Cairo Institute of Liberal Arts and Sciences (October) Cairo, Egypt.

Film Screening, More Out of Curiosity, The Photographers Gallery London, (February), UK.

Film Exhibition, More Out of Curiosity & Serious Games, The International New Media Gallery London, (February - June), UK.

Film Screening, Serious Games, The Centre for the Study of Contemporary Art, University College London (November), UK.

Film Screening, More Out of Curiosity, The Centre for the Visual, University of Sussex (November), Brighton, UK.

Film Screening, More Out of Curiosity, The National Football Museum, (June), Manchester, UK.

Film Screening, More Out of Curiosity, The Mosaic Rooms, (June), London, UK.
Film Screening, More Out of Curiosity, Arnolfini Museum, (June), Bristol, UK.

Film installation, More Out of Curiosity, QUAD Arts Gallery, The Pride and the Passion exhibition, (June), Derby, UK.
Photo Project, The Pensive Image, Ranciere Reading Group, Photo Cairo 5 online section, (February), Cairo Egypt.

Photographic inkjet prints, Camp, ZuHause exhibition, GMUR Gallery (October) Berlin, Germany.               

Video installation, Ultras07, Brighton Photo Biennial, Critical Image Cairo exhibition, (October) UK.

Video installation, A Hard Place, screening, Spike Island Open Studios, Spike Island (May) Bristol.

Film screening, Night-Time Room, Kassel Documentary Film & Video Festival, screening (November) Kassel, Germany.

Video installation, I Remember, 4th Cairo Video Festival, Goethe Institute, exhibition (November) Cairo, Egypt.

Video installation, Night-Time Room & I Remember, Based on a True Story exhibition, ArtSway Gallery (July) Sway, UK.

Video installation, A Hard Place, Verwertung Interdisciplinary Arts festival, screening (June) Berlin, Germany.

Video & photography installation, Night-Time Room-I Remember, solo exhibition (March) Picture This, Bristol.



Research Lecture: Parallax Error: Paradigms of Photographic Censorship, Dissembled Images Conference, Fotomuseum Antwerp, (March) Belgium.

Invited Lecture: Utopian Ultras Football Fans, Place Culture Identity Research Group, Oxford Brooks University (November) Oxford, UK.

Research Lecture: Image Censorship in Egypt, Photography + Con(text) - Photography in Academic Research, Royal Anthropological Institute (September) London, UK.

Research Lecture: Hooligan Dissensus of Cairos Ultras Football Fans, Troubled Contemporary Art Practices in the Middle East of Nicosia (June) Nicosia, Cyprus.

Documentary Film Workshop: Image Politics and Destabilizing Meaning in Film, CineDelta (June) Alexandria, Egypt.

Reviewer, Annual Portfolio Exhibition, Contemporary Image Collective, Cairo (March), Egypt.

Research Lecture: Parallax Error: Paradigms of Photographic Image Censorship in Egypt, PhotoMedia 2016 Aalto University, Helsinki, (March) Finland.

Keynote Lecture Screening, Football and Culture Research Centre, Manchester Metropolitan University  (November), UK.
Creative Workshop: (Un)Thinking Photography, (December), Contemporary Image Collective, Cairo, Egypt.

Artist talk and Screening: Ultras07, Conflict and Culture Workshop, (November)
Goldsmiths University of London, UK.
Research Paper and Screening: Ultras07, Trangressions Conference, (November)
University of the West of England, Bristol, UK.

Radio Interview: RTE, Liveline, Radio program, Ireland, 16th August.

Research Paper: Power of the Scavenged Image, CONTEMPHOTO 13 Conference, (June) Mimar Sinan University, Istanbul.

TV Interview: The Breakfast Program, Nile TV, (February), Cairo Egypt.

Research Paper: Ultras07, Critical Image Cairo Conference, (October), The Brighton Photo Biennial, UK.
Public Lecture: Football and Politics, University of Sussex, (October), The Brighton Biennial, UK.

Public Lecture: The Photograph as a Discursive Document in the Digital Age, launch of the Alternative News Agency, (May) Contemporary Image Collective, Cairo, Egypt.

Creative Workshop: In Your Hands, (May), Contemporary Image Collective, Cairo, Egypt.

Research Paper: Landscape as the locus for artistic transfers between Ireland, Northern Ireland and Great Britain. (November) The Université Sorbonne Nouvelle, Paris, France.
Research Paper: Conflicting Views: Visual Culture, Conflict and Northern Ireland, (June) Institute of Art, Design & Technology, Dun Laoghaire, Dublin, Ireland.

Research Paper: PH The Postgraduate Photography Research Network, (July) The Photographer’s Gallery, London, UK.



Co-Authored Book Chapter, Photography Reframed, Chapter 9, Roundtable, I.B. Tauris Books Publisher (June) London/New York.

Book Review, Sidewalk Salon 1001 Street Chairs of Cairo, MadaMasr, (February 8th), Cairo. (

Article, More Out of Curiosity, Architecture and Filmmaking, Chapter 3, Book: Making Visible (Intellect Publishers) July 2016, London.

Book Review, Seeds from the Zoo, MadaMasr, (December 10th) Cairo. (

Book Review, Discordia, MadaMasr, (October 16th), Cairo. (

Book Review, Visual Propaganda And Extremism In The Online Environment, Arab Media and Society, GAPP, American University in Cairo (June) Egypt.

Film Documentary Interview, Bobby Sands 66 Days, General Public Cinema Release Europe, Finepoint Films, (August) Derry, Northern Ireland, UK.

Book Review, Fire in Cairo, SPBH Books, London, MadaMasr (February 27th) Cairo, Egypt. (

Article, Film Script: More Out of Curiosity, Architecture and Culture Journal Bloomsbury Press Vol. 9 (March), London.

Exhibition review, Author Sarah James, Agents of Change Brighton Photo Biennial, Frieze Magazine (January) pp. 35-38, London, UK.

Article, Gendered Visions of Emancipation in Egypt’s Representational Space, Philosophy of Photography, Magazine Journal, Winter 12, pp. 239-303, Intellect Books, UK.

Book Review, The Origin of Palestinian Art (University of Liverpool Press) Vol. 74 No. 8 Visual Studies Journal, Taylor Francis Publishers London UK.

Artist’s profile interview, Author Ali McGlip, Art Vehicle Magazine, Issue 63 (June) London, UK.

Article, The Power of the Scavenged Image for Contemporary Photography, Visualization Urban History in Contemporary Photography 13, Edited Book (June) pp. 193-199, DAKAM Turkey.

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Article, Ultras! Tahrir Forum, Cairo Review of Global Affairs Journal, Summer, p. 21, AUC, Egypt.

Book Review, Visual production of knowledge: Toward a different Middle East (Cairo Papers in Social Science) Vol. 31 No. 3/4, Visual Studies Journal, Taylor Francis Publishers London UK.

Photography, Prison Notebooks 2, Ireland and Photography, Reaktion Books, Editor
Dr. Justin Carville (December) p 234, UK.




2015: Artists Residency Award, A.M Qattan Foundation, Ramallah, Palestine.

2014: Artists Residency Award, Barraco#55, Alemao, Rio De Janerio, Brazil.

Interview Panel, Fulbright Egypt, Academic Research Award, Cairo Egypt.

Research Excellence Award, Dept. JRMC, American University in Cairo Egypt.

2012: Documentary Film Production Award, the Ultras film project, Irish National Film Board, Ireland.

2012: Research Project Award, Use ReUse: Appropriation in the Contemporary Photograph,
National Media Museum, London, UK.




2012: Assistant Professor of Photography and Media, Department of Journalism and Mass Communications, American University in Cairo, Egypt.

2007-11: Senior Lecturer in Photographic Art, The University of Wales, Newport, Wales, UK.

2001-05: Lecturer in Photography, Griffith College Dublin, Ireland.




2004-10: PhD in Photographic Research, The University of Wales, Newport, UK.

2001-02: Masters in Computer Science Multi-Media Systems, Trinity College Dublin, Ireland.

1998-01: BA Hons Visual Communication, University of Ulster, Belfast, UK.

1993-95: National Diploma in Photography, I.A.D.T. Dun Laoghaire, Ireland.