SERIOUS GAMES, Duration: 18:47 mins/ Single-screen, 16:9, HD, Digital video, 2014 (film clip)


The film Serious Games explores the political dimension of football as an ideological device and was filmed in various locations during the 2014 World Cup in Brazil. The film frames the role of FIFA and the Brazilian government in such mega events set against local communities. 
The film is informed through a series of interviews with Torcida football fans, sociologists, political activists and local residents from the Complexo Do Alemao favela in Rio De Janerio, one of the most notorious and deprived in Brazil.
Serious Games uses a direct aesthetic of text emboldened across video images to create a surface tension between apparent subjective and objective understanding of what is represented. The film’s ideological mix draws on materiality by the use of the official FIFA World Cup anthem and local music employed to explore the allure of Brazilian football as a cultural construct. The idea of the event is examined from a number of viewpoints to question the role of the spectacle in contemporary globalized culture and the capacity of resistance to these forces.
The film project was made during a residency at Barraco55 art space in Complexo Do Alemao in Rio De Janerio and with the support of the American University in Cairo.