The Ranciere Reading Group


A series of workshops in May/June 2012 titled 'In Your Hands', at the Contemporary Image Collective Cairo involved a group of seven participants. We explored the relationship between art and politics in contemporary society in Cairo. From this the Ranciere Reading Group was formed and continues to explore the fabric of life in the city through collective art practice.




'Ranciere Reading Group' has developed an online web project called 'the Pensive Image'. The project was published as part of the PhotoCairo 5 and will be in the upcoming Photoworks Magazine later in 2014.


The Pensive Image: photo blog

PhotoCairo 5

PHOTOWORKS 2014 Magazine BPB edition


Photography, whether on a mobile phone or on a high-end camera, implies that the line between 'creator' and 'audience' has been softened so that we need new ways of handling images. In a world where pictures spread instantly and are constantly reappropriated, what possibilities can this present for the artist or photographer? 


'The Emancipated Spectator' book by French philosopher Jacques Rancière forms a foundation to develop ideas, approaches and projects. The group rethinks the passive spectator and reconsiders image-making as part of everyday social and political relations. The outcome of the project is not determined and developed through discourse and projects.

The Pensive Image photo blog has been published in PHOTOCAIRO catalogue and PHOTOWORKS Magazine 2014 Brighton Photo Biennial edition.