More Out of Curiosity Duration: 26:00mins/ Single-screen, 16:9, HD, Digital video, 2014 (film clip)

During the 2011 uprising in Egypt one of the key players in the political debate were the fanatical football supporters, the Ultras. Although affiliated to different teams in the domestic league they often joined forces in street protests against Hosni Mubarak. The controversy over the 2012 Port Said incident when 74 Al-Ahly fans were killed in an orchestrated attack forced the Ultras back onto the streets. They mounted a successful political protest campaign against the state forces that culminated a year later in a legal inquiry and limited convictions.

More Out of Curiosity is a film work drawing on documentary narratives to frame the capacity of resistance in social movements. This film is constructed from video footage drawn from a number of sources, including the Al-Ahly Ultras themselves who shared their unique video archive material. The assemblage of images of street protests, football games, riots and banner making helps stitch together a narrative to expose their local subculture in an overlapping meta-documentary format. The film work is bookended by the Port Said incident and the court verdict a year later. This structure is divided into seven scenes which define and categorize the video imagery.