Thanks to everyone who came to the screening talks at the Arnolfini, QUAD, National Football Museum and the Mosaic Rooms in June 2014.

All four events were very different in terms of presentation, format and audience.  Thinking back on the 'summer roadshow' I met a wide range of people from football fans who never look at contemporary art, to academic researchers involved in politics/sport crossovers to the Egyptian diaspora.



10th June: Arnolfini Bristol, screening/talk


Some interesting themes emerged in the discussions about the film and my role/position as an interlocutor of the Cairo Ultras subculture. Similarities between my previous works, in particular Night Time Room were discussed in terms of the use of material objects. Public responses to More Out of Curiosity considered film as an ideological tool and the relationship to Marxist film traditions of direct cinema and the role of the superstructure.





11th June: QUAD Arts, Derby, screening/talk



Thanks to: Al Cameron Arnolfini Bristol, Peter Bonnell QUAD Arts Derby, John O'Shea National Football Museum Manchester and Ali MacGlip London Mosaic Rooms for organising the screenings and discussion events.


12th June: National Football Museum, Manchester, screening/talk



Project Book with essays by BEN BURBRIDGE and STEPHANIE SCHWARTZ.


13th June: The Mosaic Rooms, London, screening/talk